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What is Field book?

Application (also in mobile version) used for on-going data noting regarding treatment on the field, key events/activities on crop development and financial data connected with your field.

The entire set of this information enables the farmer to analyse and make rational decisions increasing the farm profitability.

Many benefits in one tool

  • Time saving,
  • Optimalisation of field’s cultivation
  • Costs optimalisation
  • Measuring effectiveness of activities on the field in time

“[…] Since when we have been using the Field Book decision making process became way easier, thanks to the tool we have reduced costs and increased income by over a dozen percent”

Other features

  • Data available form anywhere,
  • Authorised access for employees,
  • Preview of up to date treatments,
  • Planning of field’s interventions,
  • History of the field,
  • Anomalia alerts (agrofags + weather),
  • Treatment date notifications,
  • Field condition management,
  • Up to date database of pesticides and fertilizers,
  • Profitability of crops (costs and profits),
  • Documentation of interventions in case of government controls (nitrate Act).

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